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Emacs is a class of text editors, possessing an extensive set of features, that are popular with computer programmers and other technically-proficient computer users. The original EMACS, a set of Editor MACroS for the TECO editor, was written in 1976 by Richard Stallman, Guy Steele, and Dave Moon. --Wikipedia:Emacs

[edit] Emacs on Macs

  • OS X Tiger (10.4) already includes Emacs (for use in
  • Carbon versions of the latest CVS are available from Seiji Zenitani and David Caldwell.
  • A more thoroughly "OSX-ified" version of Emacs is Aquamacs

[edit] Emacs Discussions

Check out Emacs Forum hosted by Nabble archiving Emacs mailing lists into a searchable forum. You can find answers or post questions there.

[edit] See Also

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