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I got a premade 43-folder tickler file system from

rather than being individual folders or an accordion folder, it's more like a binder with dividers for each date. You can put it in a file drawer and use it like an accordion, or keep it on your desktop like a notebook. All pre-labeled with 1-31, and Jan-Dec. definitely saves time.

OfficeMax (and probably other similar office stores) has some great clear plastic folders made by Pendaflex. They're 1/3 cut and have the extra creases for expansion much like manilla folders. The tabs are color-coded if you're into that (3 each of 5 colors) but I just label them and ignore the colors. They're great for extremely active projects or as a "Shuffle" folder that goes between home and work every day. You can throw them in a bag without them getting beat up. And being able to see what's inside doesn't hurt either, esp. if you put a useful overview of the project as the first page in the folder.

For travel and in my briefcase, I recently bought some plastic folders from Levenger, which, though more pricey than the accordian plastic folders at, are better made, double sided, and fit into my briefcase much better. --Dsmccormick 10:08, 10 Apr 2005 (EDT)

"a new file folder paper ... called CutLess/WaterShed(R) ... liquids bead up and can be easily wiped clean with a paper towel before penetrating the folder. At the same time, the special formulation allows pen and pencil notes to be written on the folders."

Have any of you actually held this "new technology" in your hands? Is it significantly better, or is this just marketing hype? --DavidCary 20:34, 25 May 2005 (EDT)

David - I have used this paper when I worked pre-press, in my opinion, it IS significantly better, although expensive. When we received a sample of it I spent a month trying to 'break' the paper, at once point I made a little cup that I would use for caustic stuff like coca-cola and the like and it never even discolored, even after a week of use. You can't tear the paper, but if you try really hard you'll crunch the edges up oddly and eventually separate the clay layer from the paper itself and sort of pull it apart. Feels very nice to the touch, very very smooth, and the actual weight has a quality feel to it. Writes very nicely as well. All in all... if it were cheaper, I'd be using it for everything. --Yokohead 18:27, 8 June 2007 (EDT)

Please help: I can't find any manila folders with tabs (as shown in David's General Reference Filing whitepaper) in the whole of New Zealand. Can anyone share a website (that supports international shipping) where you buy your general reference file folders?

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