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  • Bill box refinement - If you get paid more than once a month, have a separate envelope or folder for bills you want to pay after a certain payday, e.g., "Pay on the 1st," and "Pay on the 15th." Then, as your bills arrive, sort them into the appropriate folder based on due date. --Steve 21 Mar 2005
  • Bill box - Put a box near where you sort incoming mail for all your monthly bills and statements. Keep a pen, stamps, and a letter opener in it. When it comes time to pay your bills, everything will be in one place. --User:Edward Vielmetti 21 Mar 2005
  • Virtual Bill Box - Open a separate checking account just for monthly bills. Calculate your monthly household maximal nut (mortgage/power/gas/phone/cable/water/etc) and have payroll direct deposit that much into the bill-pay account. Set all your bills to auto-pay from that account. Never think about it again.--Chazlarson 21 Mar 2005
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