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In a fit of reverse snobbery I unearthed my Filofax the other day. It has been years since I used it. It has a wonderful and long wearing leather cover, long suffering too! There are several pockets and slots in the inside front AND back covers. Just right for index cards, stamps, credit cards, etc. It features 6 rings to hold the inserts, which allow greater freedom in designing the notebook to fit ones needs. There are hundreds of inserts available, including many special ones such as maps, graph paper, lined paper, colored paper, fine paper, on and on. It has a loop to hold a pen, such as the Lamy Pico, and a snap closure to hold the whole thing closed. All in all, a well made, longlasting classy tool, for GTD!--JWS 16:54, 19 May 2005 (EDT) Jim Scolman,

I too have fallen back in love with the filofax. Eschewing the little 'pocket' filofax that propelled me into a lot of activity during 1999, this year I've opted to go for the vastly more useful and pretty much perfect-sized 'personal' size. Here's a picture of my filofax, here: Ian Tindale

I'm a fairly long term Filofax user, and just read GTD. Not entirely convinced by all of it to be honest, but fwiw, here's some notes on implementing GTD with the filofax.

I have got:

- a Calendar Section

- a Notes section

- a GTD todo-type section which has the significant bits of my gtd system

- loads of other rubbish which isn't relevant in this context

The GTD section has 5 tabs:

- 'IN' - which I use to collect ad-hoc things which I am going to need to decide what to do with. Its somewhere to write stuff that is more actionable than notes, but I don't necessarily want to immediately make the decisions about whether I need to defer, delegate, record as a project etc

- 'ACTIONS' - contains list of actions divvied-up by context (as per GTD), but also the 'Waiting For' list (on a different coloured paper) and a list of the projects (but not the supporting material and sub-tasks)

- 'PROJECTS' - usually a page per project, headed with title (as per the list under the actions tab), and objectives. Front page is pre-printed with the headings then a blank list for the project tasks. Backside of the page is blank for notes

- 'SOMEDAY/MAYBE' - as per GTD

- 'DISCUSS' - page per person, or per weekly meeting

The above seems to work OK - if I had more tabs I might do it differently. I haven't implemented the tickler file in the f-fax (or indeed elsewhere). And I have loads of other sources of 'stuff', mainly on the PC which I have to process - but it all goes through 'Actions'.

Both for this and other f-fax stuff you really need to be printing your own forms, imho.

--Mattypenny 08:58, 19 Jul 2005 (EDT)

I use an A5 filofax (8" x 6") this is a very handy size as it fits A4 sheets folded into two, which means I can keep addresses in Outlook, print them out, punch them, and stick them in.

I don't tend to use many specific forms, but work on grouping things into actions/projects/reference

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