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Pens supporting the Anoto standard

Esselte Anoto notepad

Nokia's offering and a review.

--Mikeanegus 16:12, 21 Mar 2005 (EST)

Black n' Red Notebooks

Black n' Red - Logitech Digital Pen - io2

Black n' Red - Nokia Digital Pen - SU-1B

Just found this Black and Red - A7 Jotpad Twinpack for Penmail too, a great solution which allows you to write with a pen in a little notepad as you normally would but it's all backed up digitally in case you lose to watch for sure. Only problem is that you need paper with special marks on it so the pen can digitise what you're writing...could get expensive although you can get 2 with 100 pages each here for £4.99.

Just found this: DigiMemo which claims to work on "ordinary paper" using "regular Cross Pen ink cartridges", but seems to require using its special clipboard.

I suppose we should mention the "Fly pentop computer" here also, which also uses Anoto digital paper.

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