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Cocoalicious is a Mac OS X "rich client" for the social bookmarking service. Releases are available from:

The project is also open source, and has a SourceForge page:


[edit] Why Cocoalicious?

Some may wonder what benefits Cocoalicious offers over simply using through the web. Here are a few:

  • More sophisticated, live search (including option to search tags and URL substrings, as well as description and extended text).
  • Tag renaming through direct manipulation (simply double click on tag text to rename instances of it across all posts).
  • "Tagging by dragging"
  • A nice posting interface that can automatically grab the page title, URL, and selected text from the frontmost Safari window.
  • Hideable web preview window.
  • Full text search of bookmarked pages.
  • Tag autocompletion.

A few features that are in development and should be done soon:

  • Ability to perform edits/deletions on multiple posts at once.
  • Integration with OS X Services menu.
  • Local persistence of links (providing backup and reducing reliance on web service), along with a framework allowing third part apps (such as MarsEdit) to easily access your links (the same concept as how Apple's Pages app can access your iPhoto library).

[edit] Personal

Another possible new, productivity-related direction for Cocoalicious involves trying to fulfill Jeremy Zawodny's dream of a "personal" that can extract URLs from emails, Address Book, documents, and other sources and track their usage. See:

Tantek/Technorati's Attention.XML could also be relevant to this, and it's conceivable that Cocoalicious could start generating/modifying attention files:

[edit] Metatags/Tag Actions

Another future direction for Cocoalicious could involve special treatment of metatags (e.g. *to-read). I've already been toying with the idea of allowing a user to assign a special character as the "metatag designator," which would allow metatags to be recognized and displayed differently in the list.

I've also thought about adding an option to have an AppleScript executed every time a post is added with a certain tag.

[edit] Collections/Metadata

Eventually, I would like to allow the user to create automatic "Collections," which would essentially be like iTunes smart playlists. Combined with more metadata (e.g. star ratings, visit counts, etc.), this could allow users to have automatically updated lists of, for example, every site with a five star rating and the tag restaurant, or things like that (I could probably come up with a better example given time).

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