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Circus Ponies NoteBook
Platform: OS X
License: Shareware
Cost: $49.95
Download Size: 17.9MB
Site: Circus Ponies NoteBook

[edit] Description

Circus Ponies NoteBook is a notebook and information capture application with a strong visual look. The 'pages' have ruled lines, ring bindings and punched holes, though the appearance is somewhat configurable. Depending on your opinion of software mimicking real objects, you'll either love or hate it.

The strength of NoteBook is in its ability to capture a wide variety of information, and then to allow you to find it again. You can either drag text, links, images or file aliases on to pages, or you can set up a clipping service. This allows you to select some text in another application and then send it to a particular NoteBook page via a Service menu item. This makes it useful for gathering together information and resources for a particular project. Also interesting is the possibility of placing high definition images, movies, scans, faxes etc... in placeholders called media frames inside individual notes. These media frames keep the pages in NoteBook very readable whilst still allowing easy access to the various media (one click).

Searching is quite powerful. The application automatically generates an index, arranged by a wide variety of attributes such as text, keywords, highlight colour (there's a choice of six different highlighter pen colours!), creation date or attachments. If you can't find what you want by browsing, you can do a search using similar attributes.

Version 2 was released officially on 3/25/05, with new features like internal linking, voice annotation and action item handling - which could greatly improve it for use as a GTD tool. It makes some very nice improvements and leverages it as a GTD tool.

There's quite an active user community, and there are some nice templates available.

[edit] Testimonials

One template I've used myself is the Daily Planner produced by gagne. You can see a preview of it, or download the template. Due to the use of background photos, the html preview doesn't provide all details. For a better view, see the screenshots page.

I'm quite fond of NoteBook, and use it as a kind of daily journal for jotting down ideas, and capturing diverse bits of information. The changes coming in Notebook 2.0 look particularly good. It goes without saying that I'm not affiliated with Circus Ponies in any way, just a happy user.


I love NoteBook. I'm an avid art collector and before going to auctions I always completely research the items I'm interested in. Notebook is a great place to store information from various sources. ---Lightning Rider 23:39, 21 Mar 2005 (GMT+1)

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