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[edit] For the Macintosh

[edit] For Microsoft Windows

[edit] For the Palm

  • A5 for Palm OS - Free weekly/task overview (GNU-licensed free software)
  • HandyShopper - Free shop list manager (freeware)
  • ToDo PLUS - ToDo list manager by Hands High Software
  • CanDo - Enhanced ToDo application (shareware)
  • Shadow Plan - Sophisticated outliner program that links to Palm OS Tasks, Calendar and Contacts, also available with Windows and Mac Desktops (shareware) - more details here:[1]

[edit] On the Web

  • Simple GTD - Simple GTD is a totally free web-based tool which help you in organizing your stuff and will assist you to applying "GTD Principles" in your daily life.
  • 30 Boxes - An AJAX-based web application to keep track of appointments and todos.
  • HiveMinder - Free task-tracker. Includes Atom and Ical feeds, text export, email reminders, email task posting, user groups etc.
  • Remember The Milk Free task-tracker. SMS, IM and email reminders, multiple lists and contexts, email task posting etc.
  • Oprius Foundations Free task/calendar/contact application. Still pretty new. Plans for syncing, email reminders, and email later.
  • Neptune - Free task-tracker. Email reminders, email inbox collection, multiple projects and contexts, reminders. Upload project reference materials. Very easy to use. Premium accounts available with unlimited projects and contexts plus larger file storage limits.
  • Backpack - Simple ToDos and other cool organizational features. Backpack is all about simplicity. Nothing more, nothing less.
  • - Totally free. Simple and powerful GTD web app.
  • Web and Flow - Web Based Workflow Software (commerical)
  • Open WFE - Open Source Work Flow Engine
  • - Free TO DO List Builder for Anyone Marketing Anything
  • Google Calendar Todo list Greasemonkey script that adds a todo list panel to Google Calendar

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