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[edit] General Resources

[edit] Other Categories

  • Category:Cross-Platform Software This category includes not just tools that have been ported to numerous operating systems, but also Java- and Python-based tools that are platform independent.
  • Category:UNIX Software With its UNIX core and the X11 windowing system, OS X can run many UNIX programs with little or no modification.

[edit] Undocumented Software

[edit] Databases (of sorts)

  • Books - An open-source personal library management tool for MacOS X.
  • Booxter - A personal librarian, at your service.
  • Daylite - multi-user calendar, scheduling, contacts, todos, project management, email integration.
  • Delicious Library - plugs into iSight camera to scan barcodes into a library
  • DEVONthink - Freeform database, scrapbook manager and much more.
  • Filemaker Pro - Relational database software.
  • Journler - Idea & media collector, journal app, blogger.
  • Yojimbo - All-purpose collector; payware; from the makers of BBEdit

[edit] Life Management/Organization

[edit] Utilities

  • Amazing Slow Downer -- slow down or speed up recorded music or speech without changing the pitch (shareware)
  • AppendNote -- append selected text (automatically date and time-stamped) to a text file using keyboard commands. Works in applications that support the Services Menu. (freeware)
  • Chimoo Timer -- a timer for Mac OS X, THE program to have for the (10 + 2) * 5 life hack!
  • Cyberduck -- FTP SFTP client (freeware)
  • Fugu -- OS X Front-end for SSH, SCP, SFTP (freeware)
  • Huevos -- floating user-configurable searchbar for multiple search engines and websites (freeware)
  • iuTime -- time and date calculator (freeware)
  • iWannaSleep -- Simple time app. You can set the time after which iTunes is stopped, the computer is put to sleep, shut down or a custom AppleScript is run! (freeware)
  • Konfabulator
  • Textpander -- a keystroke expander, similar in function to TypeIt4Me.
  • Tofu -- allows horizontal scrolling through large documents and ebooks one window at a time (freeware)
  • TypeIt4Me -- venerable and flexible macro utility for expanding user-defined abbreviations typed in any application.
  • Shell Watcher -- displays stdout of any unix tool, like remind, in a Dashboard widget (freeware)
  • OnLife -- watches applications you configure, shows how much time you're spending in each one. Also (configurably) caches web pages and the contents of a variety of documents. Extensible via Cocoa and AppleScript.

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