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  • If you're a member of AAA Autoclub and you have a Camera phone, take a picture of your membership card and use it as the picture for the emergency roadside assistance number in your phone. As long as you can make out the membership number you should be able to get assistance if you somehow lose your card. This should work for almost any Roadside Assistance Program. --RobNoxious 00:58, 28 Mar 2005 (EST)
  • Phonecam wishlisting - Use your mobile phone’s camera to give yourself a reminder about something you might want to buy later. Snag the UPC and pull it up later to add to your next Amazon cart. --From 43Folders
  • I've seen this on flickr but can't find the link at the mo - take photos of the opening hours of shops you visit/ cinemas/ local cafes/ &c on your camera phone, so if you need to go there you can look them up quickly. --Sophia
  • Digital Cameras can see infrared, so you can use a camera-phone (for example) to check out your remote controls - point it at the remote control "lens" and press one of the buttons on the remote - if in your camera you see a blue flickering light then your remote is working OK - I know - you could point it at the TV and see that way, but if the remote is a bit dodgy you can check it this way. Also quite useful if you work with irda devices and need to check them out Chris Goldsmith 09:56, 12 April 2005 (BST)
  • When parking at the airport or other large event, use your cell phone or PDA camera and get a picture of the locator sign nearest your car. Take 30 paces toward the event, turn around, face your car and photograph what the final approach would/should look like. Instigase
  • When shopping, use your camera phone to take a picture of the object, then the price tag.
    • Jaime Wong and bar code/ISBN too, for certain items; Amazon may be cheaper.
  • When packing stuff away for storage in cardboard boxes, photograph the contents of the box and either number the boxes, or just photograph the box lid once it's closed. Lawrence the Fish
  • If you have a lot of expensive photography equipment, take the Lowepro or Crumpler badge off your camera-rucksack. Those badges scream 'This bag is full of cameras! Steal it!' I've done this with my Mini Trekker and now it looks like any other normal bag. Martin McKenna
    • Out and about with your new family? Try using the diaper bag as a camera bag. Great camouflage, but only works if your family is around, otherwise the creep factor of pulling expensive camera gear out of a Dora the Explorer bag is a little too much. John Wilson
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