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The traditional business card. 2 x 3+1/2 inches.

The business-card exchanging ritual in the U.S. is ...

The business-card exchanging ritual in Japan is ...


[edit] making business cards

The fastest way to get a few fresh business cards is

  1. type up your name and a few essential details in your favorite text editor (*).
  2. print 1 per 3x5 index card. Preferably "blank" index cards. (it's impossible to squeeze more than 1 per card, even though index cards have more than twice the area of a business card. Right?)
  3. cut them to size (scissors work fine. A guillotine-style cutter is better).

(Cutting it down to 2 x 3.5 inches first doesn't seem to work with my laser printer)

Inkjet or laser printer card stock can be obtained from office supply stores or Amazon. You print the cards and split them up on precut "microperfed" bondaries.

My local Staples or Office Depot will print a minimum of 1000 business cards for $13 (as of 2005) for the very simplest black text on white paper. (Kinkos?)

(*) You can spend days futzing around with fancy graphics. Getting a card to the minimum "that looks reasonably professional" is much quicker with text. Contrary to popular belief, fancy graphics editing software is not expensive (Gimp, Inkscape).

Several on-line companies will print a minimum of ____ business cards for ____ for the fancy full-color style.

[edit] external links

is this interesting enough ?

[edit] unusual business cards

Some people try to make their business cards "unique" in some way, to make them stand out. Does this really help?

[edit] Hipster PDA on business cards

See Hipster_Variants#Hipster_PDA_on_business_cards.

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