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Platform: Windows 2000/XP
License: Shareware
Cost: $18
Download Size: 691kb
Site: Candy Labs - AppRocket


[edit] Description

AppRocket is a keyboard launchpad program for Windows. With it you can launch applications, web queries, and browse local files including music and browser bookmarks.

[edit] Testimonials

AppRocket is as Windows application launcher that is as close to QuickSilver for the Mac as I've found so far. It doesn't have near the features of Quicksilver but is great for quick launching applications and browsing drives. --User:Mocephus
See the discussion page for a less positive view.

[edit] Hacks

This section is for any hacks people want to contribute. They don't have to be attributed, but it's probably a good idea if people do just so we know who to congratulate or blame. Utilities that act solely as "helpers" to a program (such as's mail.appetizer utility) probably belong here rather than having their own page.

It is possible to create scripts (VBScript, AutoIt scripts, AutoHotkey scripts, etc.) that will launch with just a couple of keystrokes in AppRocket. I have set up AppRocket with AutoHotKey scripts to quickly launch new Outlook tasks with categories already set (contexts for next actions) for my GTD implementation. For example, I type ctrl-space to activate AppRocket, followed by "comp" to create a new Outlook task with the @Computer category already tagged. Works pretty well, once you set up the basic macros.

[edit] See Also

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