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  • Coin flip hack - If I can't make a quick decision about something that can be simplified into two outcomes, I designate them as head and tails, flip a coin, call it in the air, and then (here's the important part!) completely disregard the result -- I nearly always feel a quick flash of "c'mon, come up tails" as it lands, so I just go with that. The distraction of flipping a coin pierces the indecision. --sckot Vokes 11:25, 22 Mar 2005 (EST)
    • Another Coin Flip Hack - Toss the coin. If you have the least inclination to toss it again you know you really wanted the other choice. --cath perry 2:33pm, 25 Mar 2005 (AEST)
  • Alphabetically - As an alternative, remember what Thomas Hobbes told us. If there is a significant difference between the choices, selecting one is easy. If there is not, then the choice doesn't much matter. Just pick the one that comes first alphabetically.
  • Random - Pick something at random. The key behind shuffle. --Edward Vielmetti 15 Apr 2005
    • In the AppleWorks 6 word processor, you can randomize lists. (Go to Edit Menu:Sort Selected Paragraphs, then select Randomize from the Sorting Order menu.) I sometimes do this to get a fresh look at my Someday/Maybe list, with old and new entries folded together. It's also nice to shuffle media lists like "DVDs to Rent" and "Music to Buy", where items tend to be listed by release date. GH 1 Oct 2005
  • Dice - When I feel the urge to procrastinate something at home, I roll dice. If I roll doubles, I get to screw off for 15 minutes. So probabilistically, I should be on task approaching 83.33% of the time. GH 16 Apr 05
    • You can stake your whole life on the fate of the die, check out Luke Rhinehart's (crazy, but fascinating) classic Dice Living philosophy - the ultimate in living randomly! -- Clie2k 04/05/2005
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