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43 Folders is a weblog by Merlin Mann about OS X, Life Hacks, productivity tricks, and other cool stuff. Popular topics include David Allen's book, Getting Things Done, Moleskine notebooks, and Quicksilver, an application launcher for OS X.

The first post on 43 Folders is a good introduction, plus there's an about page with more background information.

Origin of the name

"43 Folders" is a reference to the dated tickler file that can be made from forty-three manila folders.

The 43 Folders Family

Why we're here

Recently, there has been a lot of discussion on the site and on the 43F Google Group about ideas for creating a Notional Productivity Application. There's also been a lot of interest in discussing and expanding on ideas that don't fit neatly into the post format of 43F or in the discussion format of the Google Group.

other "43" web sites

43 Things is not related to 43 Folders in any way. Full stop.

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