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Yahoo! isn't the most fashionable of Web sites but it offers good organiser functions to users. All of the functions are free, you just need a Yahoo ID, which is also free.

They're a handy set of tools for sharing data between work and home if you can live without the functionality of fat-client PIMs such as Entourage or Outlook.

The Web based features include:

  • A notepad - with folders for organising notes.
  • An address book - which is used with Yahoo mail but can also be organised by types of contact and non-email details such as postal address and telephone numbers can be stored.
    • The address book also supports import/export functionality.
  • A briefcase - for storing up to 30MB of files.
  • A calendar - For:
    • Tasks
    • Recurring events
    • Sharing events with other uers
    • Two separate reminders can be sent per task, and they can be sent to:
      • Yahoo Messenger
      • An email address
      • A mobile phone
  • Using an online version of Intellisync, the notepad, address book and calendar can be synchronised with the following applications: Outlook, Outlook Express, Palm OS Handhelds, Pocket PC Handhelds, Lotus Organizer, ACT!
  • Yahoo PIM functionality can also be accessed through the Yahoo Toolbar.
  • My Yahoo serves as an excellent summary page, especially since it now supports RSS feeds (just hit 'Add Content'). All the above can be distilled on one page. One of the most useful modules is bookmarks since it can be accessed from any computer. --gochess
  • Yahoo allows free video conferencing. One can also send text messages to phones (which is a nice alternative to typing on the phone). --gochess
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