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Here are some things you can tote around in your Moleskine's accordion folder:

  • Stamps and mailing labels.
    • A $3.85 postal money order or priority mail stamp along with your preprinted address label for easy return if lost.
  • Index cards (no need to rip out pages when you wanna share music tips or phone numbers)
  • Photos of family and friends
  • Spare smart travel card with credit on it
  • CD or DVD (Pros only.) This is a very tight fit, but a handy way to protect a disc you don’t want shaking loose in your bag.
  • Small translucent ruler
  • Extra money in notes for emergencies
  • Business cards (a few of your own, and a place to temporarily place any handed to you during a meeting).
  • Paperclips (small and jumbo), rubber bands, and wire twist-ties (it's amazing how much you can put in the accordian and still leave even the very last page with a reasonably flat writing surface)
  • A library card, Kinko's pay cards, or similar cards taking up room in your wallet
  • Small or photo-reduced subway maps (or other maps) for frequently visited locations
  • A small stamped envelope with a page or two of writing paper or a greeting card
  • Your amazon wishlist generated with The Pocket Wisherman
  • Mini size (8 cm) CD-RW disc. Holds ~200MB of data and fits the Moleskine Pocket edition.
  • Cut the bottom (along the right side) out of the pocket. This allows access to the pocket contents without opening the notebook all of the way.
  • Take the top sheet off of a pad of Post-Its, turn it over and stick it to the bottom-most sheet. Voila! No adhesive worries. --Wrex 23:03, 1 Apr 2005 (EST)
  • bandaids, matches, and a p-38 can opener!

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