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Do not even consider going on any kind of trip without wheeled luggage. If you're ever rushing for a connecting flight, wheeled luggage lets you go as fast as you can. Old-skool luggage will slow you way down. Samsonite spinner suitcases are another step up. Spinners have four independent castors on the base, making them incredibly maneuverable in busy spaces.

  • This is from my reading and not personal experience, but some travel experts suggest avoiding wheeled luggage if you're leaving North America during your travels, on the grounds that the wheels add weight and are useless on the cobblestones, stairs, dirt roads, and other nonshiny surfaces you're likely to encounter elsewhere.
    • If you're travelling to somewhere like the Sahara then, yes, wheels will probably be useless. That said, North America is not the only paved continent on the planet! Wheels will do you just fine almost anywhere you'd take a suitcase. Sure, you'll have to lift them up stairs, but that's better than lifting everywhere. --Fraserspeirs 02:47, 27 May 2005 (EDT)
    • My main luggage can be wheeled and also converts to a rucksack if the ground is rough. AndyC 17:53, 14 January 2006 (EST)
  • Wheeled luggage usually holds less than non-wheeled luggage of the same size, so weigh that diminished capacity against the convenience of wheels.
  • As for as carry-on's go not only does it hold less, wheeled luggage is a lot more expensive then non-wheeled luggage. Not to mention it's rigid construction makes it impossible to pack things into and makes it very heavy. Do not take wheeled luggage with you if you visit Europe, the first thing you do after leaving the airport is board a train... not to mention escalators are extremely rare and elevators just don't exist. If you sport these rigid rectangles on wheels they will only fit in overhead bins if that, have to be dragged behind you limiting your maneuverability, and the wheels always have the possibility of locking up (happened very frequently to a friend of mine, she almost fell backwards every time it happened). For me it's over the shoulder only, I want nothing to do with wheeled carry-ons... and if you want to know more read One Bag: Travel Luggage --Wireless Mike
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