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  • Water Bottle - Conserve water and reduce the time you spend in the kitchen by using a water bottle instead of always reaching for a new glass. I find that a small mouthed Nalgene is perfect - just fill the bottle and leave it by the sink. Be sure to leave the cap off. The small mouth will prevent anything random from falling in, and allowing the bottle to breathe keeps the water from going stale or acquiring a funny taste. Sounds odd, but it does work. Keep the bottle in the shade and your water will stay pleasantly cool (assuming you don't live in the tropics). And think about all those glasses you aren't washing. Give yourself a pat on the back from your friend, the Earth. --Philiph
    • Warning: Studies have shown that reusing water bottles without proper cleaning can be really bad for you. Other studies have shown that Nalgene bottle in particular can leach nasty things into the water you store in them. I don't mean to be a wet blanket, but I got quite creeped out reading about the potential chromosomal disorders... --[[User::Jamiehale|Jamiehale]]
      • Hoax Alert: The Nalgene thing is a hoax. Google "Nalgene Hoax" or something like that.
    • You scared me, so I read the whole article. Now I am even more glad that I use a glass bottle for my drinking water. Every few weeks I spring for a bottle of Pellegrino or Gerolsteiner and then refill it from the water cooler until I am feeling the urge for a fizzy new bottle. Amanda
    • And if Jamie didn't scare you off with the whole plastics are evil bit (they are) keeping a water bottle in your freezer in summer means you can grab it when you head out for the day and you'll have cold water as it melts. This works best in increadibly hot places like New York City in late August, but boy does it work. Amanda
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