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Platform: Anything that can run Vim
License: GPL
Cost: free
Download Size: 50Kb


[edit] Description

VimOutliner is a plugin for Vim (a vi editor clone) that creates and edits outlines. It supports checkboxes, hoisting, executable lines, interoutline links, and more. It is also designed to have the finger feel of Vim as well.

[edit] Testimonials

I've been using this as my trusted system for GTD for a couple months with a hectic school schedule and it has worked great for me --User:Julian Krause

I've been very happy using VO for GTD. My system consists of several outline files; one for each project, and one for general next actions. I mark next actions in each file with VO's open box: "[_]". When I complete the action, I check the box: "[X]". I have a simple shell script which greps for the the open box marks. As the NAs are marked specially, the outline files can contain lots of other material: notes, schedules, etc. -- User:mkeller

[edit] Hacks

It isn't documented in the help files but if there is a line with
_exe_ <command>
on it
will run the command

[edit] See Also

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