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Oh, Hi. Learn more about me at my blog [Recursism] where I neglect my other website in favor of just having a blog.

I fell into reading 43Folders from discovering how useful RSS feeds can be for monitoring many different websites, personalities and news sources. Amongst a lot of other things, it changed a lot of my usual reading habits into a lot of other realms that were not directly computer related.

In a previous life, I wrote a Linux device driver to load-balance dial up serial connections and a couple other computer telephony ports of drivers that may not have seen the light of day (way before VOIP).

(27 Sep 2005) Still hating the Treo 600. Just wrote a "lifehack" for traffic at [How to Hack Stop and Go Traffic in Your Favor] but I haven't linked in here yet-- I haven't been reading this site for a while, I got too busy.

(20 Jun 2005) I decided to launch a blog dedicated to changing the cell phone industry to be more consumer friendly. See it at [Cell Hardware Freedom Petition]. This was prompted by a recent change to the Treo 600-- a phone I am not very fond of at this point of time for an employer. I'm willing to give it 30-days to see what its like to use a PDA/phone but so far I'm hating it. So I've been looking for alternatives. You just can't find anything *good* without changing providers, and that's what this blog is all about.

(15 Jul 2006) I stopped using my cell phone. Almost completely. Its kind of busted but I'm kind of enjoying not carrying that phone around.

(28 Nov 2006) Wanted to note that I'm writing articles about "plain text computing" at [[1]]. Many of the formats are very simple and fundamental and coincidentally, are exploitable by some programming languages that understand YAML.

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