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I am a poly sci and econ student at case western reserve university and picked up GTD after reading about it on 43folders (don't know how I ended up there in the first place though). It helped me get through some hella crazy finals and the following semester. I'm still vacillating between electronic and paper based, on a paper kick for right now because technology kept kicking the bucket at super inopportune times.

I used to be a comp sci and still love doing the webpagey javascripty kinda thing. One day I want to sit down for some weeks and learn me up some more python.

  • I am a rocker, I rock out.
  • I am a boxer, I punch out.
  • I am a wrestler, I tap out.
  • I am an emo kid, I have self doubt.
  • I am an organized ethnic group, I have political clout.
  • I am on fire, I jump and shout all about.
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