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[edit] About Me

I'm a 17 (almost 18) year old guy from Cleveland, Ohio. My interests are: my mac, software, web-design/development (and PHP).

[edit] Contact Me

Email: (Sorry, I get so much spam these days that I'd rather not have more spambots find me....) I'll respond to either account.

  • User: akadis2
  • Domain 1:
  • Domain 2:

Instant messanger:

  • AIM: akadis2
  • MSN:
    • User: akadis2
    • Domain:

[edit] Software

[edit] Software I can't wait for

Apple's Tiger and Safari RSS

VoodooPad's Next Version (Around when Tiger will be out)

[edit] My favorite software

If you want any more information on this software, feel free to contact me! Or visit the links about them.

Quicksilver (100% FREE!!!) -- An application launcher, and so much more.... The community is amazing and updates are regular. Final version will require Apple's Tiger.

VoodooPad ($25) -- A Wiki-esque note pad. The developer is very nice and helpful, the software makes a great note pad for me and is highly intuitive. My organization skills are ... weak ... but VoodooPad helps a lot!

Vault, Vault (100% FREE!!!) -- A place to store sensitive information. You can store any information that you could type into TextEdit. It's fairly intuitive and easy to understand. but it's not very well known (it should be!!!) The developer is incredibly kind and very responsive, and who can complain about FREE with no strings attached? This is one application that I believe deserves a review on 43 folders to get more users.

Adium, Adium (100% FREE!!! -- Open Source) -- A free chat client for AIM, MSN, ICQ, and whatever else... It works well and has great interfaces/skins.

SubEthaEdit SubEthaEdit (FREE -- Noncommercial use) -- A very lightweight editor with syntax coloring. Its main feature is Rendezvous editing, but I've never used it. Unfortunately it isn't updated too often, and some of the features I'd like to see may never happen.

[edit] My least favorite software, that I use anyway

NewsFire ($20) -- It has a good interface and works well, but is slow to start up and shut down, it's expensive and the developer is a down right a-hole!

[edit] Thank You

43 Folders blog is one of my favorite blogs to read, I can't wait to help out the community more via this Wiki!

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