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Real name: Karen Labenz

Current Interests:

• GTD (the concepts, processes, and tech -- I'm not actually interested in getting anything done)

• Merlin's idea about life hacks for seniors (I knew living with my parents would pay off one day)

• The Mac Terminal, hidden files, and MYSQL

• My secret society (I can't tell you any more except to say: think Flintstone Water Buffalos, but for women)

• Reading for the Blind and Dyslexic (it brings out the repressed actress in me, especially when reading science textbooks)

Always Interested In:

• Documentaries (watching and making)

• Photography

• Music (listening and making)

• Reading non-fiction

• Apple and Mac

• 70s nostalgia (does anyone remember Marathon candy bars?)

• Modern ruins

• The 1964 New York World's Fair (I'm not that old to have been there, but I love the idea of the 60s vision of the future)

• Baseball (specifically, the Fightin' Phils)

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