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I'm a web geek by day, and a gaming geek by night. I was diagnosed with ADD about the same time I discovered GTD, and suddenly became entirely too interested in things like lifehacks and next actions. I'm entirely too attached to my Moleskine Hipster, but I consider that a good thing.

In theory, I have a website over at A new design was relaunched May 1st, but I'm not entirely happy with it (imagine that). Once I get past the design issue I might actually put up some content.

[edit] Product Wishlist

Things that would make my life easier, much like Merlin's software wishlist.

  • Pocket timer/alarm - a digital clock with multiple alarms and a timer. Something small and sturdy enough to carry in a pocket or purse. Double points if it's small enough to be carried in a wallet.
    • Almost: My cell phone. Got the alarms, but, blast, no timer.
  • Waterless hand cleaner that 1) doesn't leave a sticky residue and 2) can be used for cleaning your hands before taking out contacts.
  • Monitor stands for older Apple cinema displays.
  • A desk that
    • raises the monitor ~6" higher than the other surfaces, and keeps the monitor within 24" of the user. Double points for a monitor arm.
    • has drawers - at least one shallow drawer for office supplies, one that's deep enough to hold a CD spindle, and one hanging file drawer.
    • has ergonomic features like an articulating keyboard/mouse tray (must have) and foot rest (nice to have).
    • has cord management features. If nothing else, desk grommets, but ideally, grooves in the back of the desk to manage excess cording. Double points for built-in power strips and wall wart managment. Triple points for built-in speaker stands.
    • a pull-out writing surface. Double points for surfaces on both sides of the keyboard tray.
    • has open CPU storage that can be converted to shelves if need be (for small form-factor computers).
    • is big enough to have space for a monitor and standard desk accessories, with extra space left over.
    • has add-ons, including printer/fax/scanner storage, file cabinets, bookshelves, and a hutch.
    • is sexy. Real wood, preferably, or a good veneer. No fake-wood pressboard laminate. Good hardware.
    • doesn't cost thousands of dollars.
  • A multi-CD player component that could also rip CDs to a lossy format like MP3 or AAC, and save on a local hard drive. That hard drive could then be shared out as a network drive for synching with other networked machines and accessories (like an iPod). CDDB recognition, wireless, USB/Firewire, iPod docking, and software control all big bonuses.
    • Almost: The Bose Lifestyle system. Comes with a copy of the Gracenote CDDB, and rips to a digital format. No wireless, no iPod syncing, poor user control, and a really painful price tag.
  • A sturdy waist-high craft bench with storage that could be collapsed and rolled into a closet when not in use. Something at least 36" wide so it could be used for cutting fabric. Double points for being covered in a self-healing mat.
  • Wireless iPod headphones. Bluetooth, preferably.
    • 6/23: Sweet! Logitech Wireless iPod Headphones. They're even Bluetooth!
    • Even sexier would be a Bluetooth module for the iPod and a Bluetooth headset that could be used for both the iPod and a Bluetooth enabled cellphone. My iPod headphones keep getting tangled with my cellphone headset.
  • An online calendar application that allowed you to enter daily/weekly/monthly/one-off reminders that didn't appear on the calendar, but instead were displayed/e-mailed/text messaged/IM'ed when they were due.
    • If Backpack allowed reoccuring reminders, it would be perfect.
  • A writing implement with a 0.7mm gel ink pen (like the G2), a 0.5mm mechanical pencil, and a small light near the nib for writing in the dark. Pen and pencil both need to be refillable, and light needs to be easily replaced. Double points for a comfortable grip and slim barrel.
  • A stereo component for my iPod. My iPod looks lonely hanging out on top of my receiver. Maybe combined with the above mentioned CD component?
  • Let's see if I can do justice to this concept: An energy/protein bar that is shelf-stable, is diabetic friendly but contains enough carbs to ward off a blood sugar crash, all natural, moist enough to eat without a drink, doesn't taste like chocolate covered sawdust, doesn't sit in your stomach like a protein brick, and doesn't cost over a dollar a bar.
    • I really, really like the Nature's Grain Energy Bars (only sold at Sam's Club and well worth the $35/year membership) - they're whole wheat bars with dried apples, raisins, and nuts. They're sweet without being diabetic unfriendly, and have lots of protein and fiber. They are, most unfortunately, not shelf stable and therefore not cube friendly. Blast!
    • Another almost: Odwalla Bars. They're tasty, healthy, and all-natural; unfortunately they cost $1.25-$1.50 per bar.
  • Jarred, diced onion packed in water/oil, similar to jars of minced garlic.
  • SameKeyboard - a program to enable the same keymappings across OS X and Windows. Mainly for those of us who still use two OSs and get horribly confused in the process.
  • A wooden laundry hamper bench that was as long and as high as my queen-size bed, thus allowing me to use it as a footboard as well. Double points for movable inner partitions, so I could sort laundry as well. Triple points if there were a way to use removable inner mesh or canvas bags to help partition, so that when it was time to actually do laundry, all I had to do was remove the bag.
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