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[edit] Personal Interests

  • I discuss some of my goals and strategies at 43things. It is my pleasure to share specific tactics here at 43folders.
    • My current focus is on the intersection between operations research, spiritual technologies, and (psychometric) positive psychology. -- {N.B. - for a Bodhisatta, an empty set is most profound.}
      • ... asymptotic convergence to optimal Happiness, in null time -- for all living beings.

[edit] Feel free to EMAIL me:

  • 9nuxln502 (AT) -- substituting @ for (AT)
  • If you are logged in: click E-mail this user on the sidebar (or, use User_talk:Gochess for a wiki wicked display of your comments).

My mind is wide open for discussion (même en français, si vous voulez).

[edit] Navigational pointers

  • Here at the 43folders wiki, Life_hacks is my favorite category. For a more general overview, check out these high traffic pages. But traffic does not necessarily equate to relevance -- however, Google page rankings provide a good proxy guide to all the interesting stuff (weighted algorithmically by external hyperlinkage). To focus on a particular topic, use that Google link and append to the search box.
  • Nota Bene is my personally biased event log of interesting exterior influences.
  • Visit the parent of this wiki, abbreviated 43F. And there is the cousin, if you prefer family discussions. Somewhat related are social_bookmarks, friends of the family. The collaborative users at this wiki are fantastic, with a great sense of curiousity!

I encourage you to participate and share in the wealth of ideas and techniques. --gochess

  • For understanding wiki markups and formatting, used here and Wikipedia, consult this superb editing summary page.
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