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I've been reading the 43folders blog for some time now :) (though I'm not a mac user)

Just some notes on how I'm implementing Getting Things Done, which I got recently :

I'm using a seven-day tickler file, using a slot at the back for "next week". I chose that rather than the full-blown 43-folder one because I felt I didn't have that much to put in it..

I'm using some kind of hipster PDA with index cards (I have several stacks of index cards, at home, on the net, at the lab, errands ... I haven't found any good envelopes to put them in yet.)

I have a good filing system (alphabetical folders in a cardboard box on the floor ^^).

My baskets aren't organized very well yet, though ... I rarely feel the need for an in-basket.

I don't review my project list or my someday/maybe stuff nearly often enough. Hmm, my project organization has some problems too.

I can't say I've reached mind like water yet (Hmm, I should go to one of the neighbouring budhist monasteries ask for advice ^-^).

... oh OK, and I also still have a procrastination problem :-P

... anyway, I thought this kind of notes on getting started on GTD would be useful on a wiki like this ... would there be a place for collecting GTD user stories ? Or a category to put this into ?

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