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[edit] Description

The Uncalendar is a paper based system for time management and project management. The system uses printed forms for worksheets, goals, notes, progress and a blank, undated calendar (the 'Uncalendar').

The Uncalendar is also a planning tool suggested by Neil Fiore in The Now Habit which gets you to enter all your committed time (e.g. sleep, exercise, transit, eating, chores, and so on) onto a weekly calendar, before you get around to scheduling the ambitious list of tasks you've set out to do. It's aim is to show you the limited amount of available time you have so that you will plan a reasonable number of discretionary tasks.

[edit] Testimonials

The paper the Uncalendar is printed on is not very pleasant to write on; it seems quite thickly coated and doesn't take ink well. A biro will work, but a fountain pen is almost impossible to use comfortably without smudging. A pencil is probably your best option. The colourful, slightly cheap design of the Deluxe Half Size UNCALENDAR (H-20115) will appeal to people who like lots of boxes; the NOTEsystemPAPER™ is almost hilariously baroque in its design. Great fun for afficionados of almost-camp productivity porn. I have spotted only one serious design flaw: the box for the owner's contact details is near the end of the planner (and not even on the very last page at that). Having it at the front would have made more sense to me. The Uncalendar's undated design is great for planning projects, but makes it less useful as a general diary. A curate's egg, but an interesting product nevertheless. -- Shpongle 19:24, 20 March 2006 (EST)

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