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Platform: Windows
License: Commercial
Cost: $0-$89.95
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[edit] Description

Treepad produces multiple versions of its very capable, outline based notes management/database software. The Lite version runs on Linux and Windows, but it is only the commercial releases which are competitive with other products in this category. The Business and Enterprise versions are feature-packed.

Treepad document archives can be exported as web sites, HTML resourcs, and stand-alone books (with the free viewer).

[edit] Features

  • Trees, Subtrees
  • Links and Hyperlinks
  • Images
  • Spell checks and Thesaurus
  • Tables
  • Runs from flash drive, portable drives/storage devices

Really too many to list. See links below.

[edit] Testimonials

"I don't work for the company, just a happy user who has found that Treepad and MyLifeOrganized provide everytyhing needed for a powerful, portable (flash-drive based) GTD system for Windows users. The best I have found so far after a lot of searching." --Fncll 16:50, 11 Oct 2005 (EDT)

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