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[edit] Introduction

I started developing Tracks for two reasons:

  1. I wanted to learn Ruby and use Rails
  2. I wanted to make a web-accessible, cross-platform GTD-oriented application

There are plenty of wonderful web-based todo applications out there (Tasks, TasksPro and Basecamp being outstanding examples), but at the time I couldn't find anything that closely followed the GTD method and used the GTD terminology. So I started to build something that was tailored to GTD (though it could also be used by people who don't have any idea what GTD stands for).

[edit] Who is it good for?

I'm a great believer of the concept of 'horses for courses', particularly when it comes to organisation. So I'll try to be objective about my baby, and describe the advantages and disadvantages so that you can decide whether Tracks is for you.

[edit] Advantages

  • Cross-platform: Users have successfully installed it on Macs, Windows and GNU/Linux.
  • Cross-location: If you install it on a server, you can get to your next actions wherever you have internet access.
  • Tightly focused: I'm striving for a non-bloated, efficient application that lets you enter the information you need very quickly and easily.

[edit] Disadvantages

  • Cross-location: If you're often working somewhere with no internet access you won't get the benefit of accessibility. You can install it on a laptop and run it without internet access, but then you're trading off web-accessibility (which you don't need) for a less smooth and familiar interface than you might be used to with native applications.
  • Dependencies: At the moment, you need to install Ruby, Rails and either MySQL, sqlite or postgreSQL. It's not too hard, but not as simple as dragging and dropping an application on your hard drive. I'm hoping to make it a more self-contained application in the long run, but for the moment you'll have to roll up your sleeves and get your hands a bit dirty at the command line. But, hey - that's fun!
  • No Calendar: This is not so much of a disadvantage as a feature request. To implement GTD you need the "hard landscape" of a calendar. There is currently no way to incorporate or sync your calendar in Tracks.

[edit] Participating

Tracks is free as in beer and free as in speech (GPL). I'm very keen for people to get involved with coding, ideas, criticism, artwork or just chatting! Information on contacting me and getting involved is available on the project page.

[edit] See Also

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