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Because of the text viewer Tofu, I've realized how great columns are for viewing a long piece of text in context, the way we do when we read a newspaper article arranged in columns. As long as it's easy to move back and forth in the document, this is a very convenient way of dealing with text, especially on laptop screens. Part of the beauty of Tofu is that the side-to-side scrolling is quantized, allowing you to bump everything over one column at a time, rather than pixels at at time.

But Tofu doesn't let you edit -- it just lets you look.

Currently, my GTD lists are 20 or 24 column inches long. Without columns, I have to scroll up and down in TextEdit all the time to work with these lists. Without booting an actual word processor and actually columnizing the document, there's no way to see the whole thing at once on a screen!

I would like an editor that would display text like Tofu does, in intelligent, easily navigable columns. But the files themselves would be plain text or .rtf files. (No true columnar formatting built into the file.)

This would allow easy editing with other editors, or other other platforms, and easy viewing on other devices like the iPod.

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