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The single most important piece of advice when checking your luggage in the US is this: Tip the Baggage Handler/Skycap Tip him/her well. Overtip him. This is the person who sees that your luggage gets on your plane. His job is tedious, and thankless. A hefty gratuity, and he'll remember you and your luggage. It will get properly labled and cared for and the person will likely see that the next person who handles it does the same. (They do work together, and, indeed, may very well share the tip.) If you are thinking, "Well, that's their job, I shouldn't have to tip them, too." Uh, good luck getting your clothes back from Istanbul while you're on vacation in Florida. Get over it, and make with the tip. I'll bet you've had a bag or two go missing in your day. I go five bucks a bag with a ten dollar minimum, but I'm a heavy tipper anyway. I like the Karma, and hey, those are my clothes in that person's hands. Unfortunately, if you have a connecting flight, all bets are off. Though, if you tipped well your bag was probably placed so as to be the least likely to get lost. That's how things work; tips make friends. Also, tip discreetly so as not to alert criminals you may have a lot of money. (Handshake.) Politeness goes a long way, too. And no, I do not work at the airport.--RobNoxious 05:36, 8 Apr 2005 (EDT)

  • But please note that tipping baggage crew in other countries is not usual, and may even be take to be an attempt at bribing him or her. Most reputable airlines outside of the US manage to take care of your baggage without losing or damaging it, including when you check through to a connecting flight. (On the other hand, there have been recent scandals in Australia concerning possible misuse of items in passengers' checked-in baggage. However, these weren't by the front-line check-in staff but the behind-the-scenes staff. Since your tip won't reach them anyway, there is no sense in drawing attention to yourself by offering tips to the customer service check-in staff.) --Elisha-B 1:59pm, 10 Apr 2005 (AEST)
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