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The scenery is rarely more interesting during hour three of your trip. Reading material is your best bet to prevent staring out the window the whole time. Magazines are best if you are prone to motion-sickness, sleeping through trips, or distractibility. Otherwise, bring something that's been sitting on your "To Read" list for some time.

  • Long trips are an excellent reason to give electronic texts a try. The complete works of Mark Twain fit in under 25 megs on your PDA, weigh nothing, and you're guaranteed not to run out of reading material. --Jeff Porten 03/26/05 01:31 AM EST
  • I buy old New Yorkers for a dime each at thrift stores, take a bunch when I travel, there's always plenty worth reading even when they're five years old and I don't feel bad leaving them wherever I finish them. --Scrim
    • Public libraries are also a great source of magazines for a trip. Many libraries have tables where old magazines are given away for free. Some are older library magazines, but many are relatively new issues brought in by patrons who are finished with them. --MVance 10:50, 11 Apr 2005 (EDT)
  • Hit a used book store for some cheap paperbacks before a long trip. You can leave them behind when you're done with them and have a lighter bag for the trip home. --J.T. Boofle 22:51, 8 Apr 2005 (EDT)
    • If you're going to leave books behind, consider registering them with Bookcrossing - that way you might get a note or journal entry if the book is picked up by someone else.
    • Paperback books become currency in the third world. Paperback exchanges flourish where backpackers end up, so keep the ones you finish on the plane and swap them wherever you can.
  • As David Allen has pointed out, long plane rides are a great time to do a mental sweep. All you need is a few pieces of paper or your laptop and you're good to go. In the case of having only a pile of paper, you're almost forced to stay in "collection mode" which can be difficult for many of us when we have the option of hopping over to check email or make a phone call. (see Constraint as a creative good) --Merlin 12:01, 19 April 2006 (EDT)
  • Catch up on your podcasts
  • Write something magical
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