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tasktoy is an web application that I wrote for myself after reading Getting Things Done. I needed something that would allow me to track everything I had to do, from anywhere. People who saw me using it asked if they could try it too, so I put it online for anyone to use.

A quick overview of the features:

  • Works nicely as a Homepage
  • Place dependent lists
  • Time dependent tasks
  • Add tasks with a single click
  • Repeating tasks (weekly, monthly, yearly, days after completion)
  • Lists of "whenevers"
  • Simple project management
  • Printable Lists (for index cards)
  • Task archiving
  • Color coding
  • Mobile access

You can read more about tasktoy here

For those interested, I've created a weblog to keep you informed of updates to tasktoy at kiwitobes.com


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