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Some of this stuff seems a little complex - but, well, that's me. And is it *possible* to have more than one Oystercard? I though they had to be registered... --RB 15:03, 26 Mar 2005 (EST)

Heres my moleskine hack: I have trouble finding calendars that I like, so I made one in the back of a standard lined moleskine. I just counted from the back of the book for the number of pages i needed, and drew in divisions and dates/times. I use a page per week, plus a page per month for long term planning in front of that. I am left with plenty of room in the front of the book for next actions and projects lists. Some pages in the middle serve as someday/maybe lists and address book. Sounds like a lot of writing, but if you are picky about calendar formatting, it might work for you. --Erica 13:02, 29 Mar 2005 (EST)

[edit] Talk on Advanced Hyperlinks

I prefer using a silver sharpie to label my Moleskines on the spine (with the month and year when I began writing in it). In the rare occasion when I want to link from one Moleskine to another, I could just write "month/year-page". You could use whatever label you want if you simply circle the "off-book" link. Even were I to use the colored stickers you suggest, I'd be far more likely to write "purple-97" than to search for a purple marker. (I'll also admit to a bad habit of peeling stickers off of everything I touch, and I touch my Moleskine a lot!) --Wrex 22:34, 1 Apr 2005 (EST)

Not really turning this page into a conversation, but now I realize this hack doesn't work for everybody. It works for me because I draw frequently and always carry a pack of 12 colored pencils in my messenger bag. Also, I find visual signals more easy and quick for me to identify, and I prefer to had a bit of color to a link. So, hey, let's call this "Advanced hyperlinks for artists (and other crazy people)"! --Nianoto 17:22, 3 Apr 2005 (EDT)

[edit] Think Blue

I think that the Think Blue suggestion is less than ideal because of the strong political advocacy.

One could edit the section to balance the current advocacy with countervailing political advocacy ("I like to put an NRA sticker on my Moleskine", or whatever), but I think that better than cluttering up the section this way, the section should be renamed "elastic band", and the final sentence of the section should contain a few links to various partisan and non-partisan rubber bands.

Tjic 06:53, 10 Sep 2005 (EDT)

[edit] Proposed Moleskine/Hacks page reorganization

Seems like the Moleskine/Hacks page is too long and could use some division into separate pages:

  • Moleskine/Hacks
  • Moleskine/Hacks/Pages
  • Moleskine/Hacks/Cover_and_Spine
  • Moleskine/Hacks/Accordion

Other pieces don't seem to fit exactly in the 'hacks' category, so how about putting the odd pieces into:

  • Moleskine/Carrying
  • Moleskine/Uses

Then lastly, there's an add-on 'Plumes' section which overlaps with Moleskine_Friendly_Fountain_Pens and should probably be consolidated.


A few:

  • categories and better than trees
  • several of these are not moleskine specific (e.g. many of the page hacks) and could be moved to a general "notebook hacks" neighborhood
  • eyeballing the moleskine page, it probably needs some lovin', too

Here's my attempt:

  • Category: Moleskine
    • Molekine
    • Why a Moleskine?
    • Why Not a Moleskine?
    • Moleskine/Where To Buy Online
    • Moleskine/Where To Buy In Person
  • Category: Molskine hacks
    • Work the Accordian
  • Category: Notebook hacks
    • Getting Your Notebook Back
    • Notebook Index
    • Text Hyperlinks
    • Index Tabs
    • On the Cover
    • On the Spine
  • Carry a Notebook

OK sounds like a plan. I'll start tackling this later. --RobertDaeley 16:08, 11 Sep 2005 (EDT)

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