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Should I have named this page HelpFAQ instead? I hope this will be the second place new users come on the site once they decide they want to contribute, and will save people from having to post the same questions over and over to other users, or wade through MediaWiki (potentially intimidating for a novice). --Lelia 02:31, 23 May 2005 (EDT)

Wow! Great page, Lelia.
I think it might make most sense at Meta:Wiki How-To, but I might just be being picky. :)
--Merlin 20:50, 24 May 2005 (EDT)
I discovered namespaces after I created the page. They make a heap more sense. (Can you tell I've never used a wiki before?) It could also become Help:Wiki How-To, but I think I'll move it to Meta:Wiki How-To as suggested.
--lelia 01:28, 25 May 2005 (EDT)
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