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In addition to a Hipster PDA, I now am using a Hipster Data Modeller, or HDM for short. It uses the same format as a regular Hipster PDA, but each index card represents an object, with methods and attributes written on the cards. I am still looking for an easy way to map relations between objects, and ideas would be appreciated. One option is using pieces of string to represent relations, but it might be hard to persist the model this way.

Try Googling for "CRC Cards". I remember reading about these in the Design Patterns books. --Abizer 07:52, 22 Mar 2005 (EST)

Cheers, I attended to a SmallTalk workshop some ten years back which involved CRC-cards, time to dig out the old notes. --HelgeG 11:34, 22 Mar 2005 (EST)

Moved Lazy man's retrieval hack and HPDA Without the Clip to Hipster PDA Hacks. --arjenvr 09:45, 26 Mar 2005 (EST)

Added Link to for "Samsonite's ID & Ticket Wallet", I found this at Office Depot today, for a mere $8.00; it is PERFECT for holding "hipster PDA cards". Being a woman, I like that I can wear it like a purse, because I don't always have a pocket for my Hipster PDA, and I often don't care to carry a purse. (I checked, the straps could easily be snipped off.) - I also have room in this wallet for my ID and a few business cards; with a slim pen in place, or a pen clipped to the strap - we're good to go! Unfortunately, I could not find the same product at the store; the Brit Amazon had plenty of Samsonite products, just not this one - that I could find. Another source would be Office Depot, since that's where I got mine, only it's not on their website. [Google Search for Samsonite Airport ID & Ticket Wallet]

I found that my HPDA got smudged after a while as I carried it around a lot. So from a plastic map used for keeping papers I cut out a strip twice as long as an index card but with the same width. So now it has a plastic protection that keeps it clen. :-) --Juman

[edit] Photo Albums

I discovered that the cheap photo albums you get at the drug store are for holding 4x6 photos. THat makes them perfect for sliding index cards into and out of and keeping them veiwable. I use this for all sorts of project planning. I have a large photo album on my desk and a small portable one that I keep in my car. You can even stack several cards in one photo sleeve.

[edit] Pocket Briefcase

I'm new to the HPDA concept, but I'm immediately reminded of Levenger's Pocket Briefcases, which are made specifically for 3x5 cards. They're a little expensive and unsuitable for vegetarians, but they're spiffy. I've used the shirt pocket briefcase for several years. --Vardaman 19:04, 14 February 2006 (EST)

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