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TED Notepad
Platform: Windows
License: Freeware
Cost: Free
Download Size: 86 Kb
Site: http://jsimlo.sk/notepad/

TED Notepad is a handy freeware editor for true plain-text. It looks like the original Windows Notepad and provides many features and tools for quick, easy and advanced editing. The light-weight portable application fits on a floppy or USB and loads instantly with no installation required. Offers many text-processing functions and tools, many hotkeys and nine additional clipboards. You will find several innovative features too. It is designed especially for daily writing of plain-text documents and lists, creating of scripts and html-like files.

Unlike many other similar applications, TED Notepad really supports Unicode and UTF-8 encodings, which means you can write Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Bulgarian and Arabic characters in a single file. It supports bi-directional editing as well, which is also quite rare among others. Practically transparent support for Unix and Mac newlines is also very comfortable. One does not have to wonder about files from other platforms.

Since version 5, TED Notepad provides an innovative second search feature that allows a user to search for two things at the same time. With a feature that selects the text along searching (text between the actual position and the next occurrence is selected), this represents an easy/quick way to select blocks of text that are enclosed with specific phrases, e.g. paragraphs in HTML.

[edit] Text tools

The most visible characteristic of the editor is the amount of text tools it offers. Starting with basic tools for letter case conversions and conversions of newlines between platforms, one can also find tools for reversing text, lines or words. The tools menu also does not lack tools for unwrapping (joining) lines of paragraphs, committing actual word wrapping, tools that (un)indent or (un)tabify text, tools for including and excluding files, inserting date and time or actual file name.

The application offers a dialog for sorting lines that is probably the most exhaustive out there. Unusual unique lines tool provides a method to exclude duplicate lines or to count them. Translate characters tool resembles a convertor between character sets and a very simple cryptographic tool. At the end of the tour, there are extensive text statistics that calculate about 12 different things about text.

The author of the software also added a support for user defined text plugins. Its manual describes how to write a text tool of your own and how to launch it from the main application.

[edit] List of notable features

  • UNIX files, UNICODE and UTF-8 text file support.
  • The maximum of available hotkeys.
  • Nine permanent clipboards.
  • Two advanced searches also with newlines supported.
  • Word completion based on actual document dictionary.
  • Quite comprehensive text statistics.
  • Favourites menu and Recent files.
  • Letter case conversions.
  • Block indent, unindent, quote and unquote.
  • Lines sorting, reversing and counting duplicates.
  • Commit word wrap, unwrap.
  • Filters architecture supporting user plugins.
  • Can stay on top or go to system tray.
  • No file size limit under Windows 9x.

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