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Swift To-Do List
Platform: Windows
License: Shareware
Cost: $0 or $34.95
Download Size: 2.5MB to 3 MB
Site: www.dextronet.com


[edit] Description

Very user friendly and innovative to-do list software with reminder and task lists organized by unlimited tree structure with icons, suitable both for personal and business use. Swift To-Do List truly makes to do lists fun!

All to-do tasks can have customized priority level, type, due date, and reminder. Supports advanced exporting and printing capabilities. It's possible to display more to-do lists at once and filter the view.

You can set reminder for each task, supports recurrent reminders.

Supports export to HTML and Excel, vast printing options.

The unlimited to do list tree is very powerful, because you can display more to do lists at once - root list and all children lists, or just all to do lists that you have AND filter the view. Swift To-Do List can also display number of undone (or total) tasks by each to do list in the tree, just like email clients do with number of messages in each folder.

Free lite version available - Swift To-Do List Lite

[edit] Testimonials

- Very very close to perfect! This is one of the few programs that's WORTH the money. Dale S., USA

- The Swift To-Do List is exceptionally well thought out. It is certainly the finest ToDo, Task, Goal, Project Management tool around. Chuck G., Canada

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