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  1. Quicksilver (6,494 bytes)
    58: ...ksilver wiki] that if you sidle the shelf up to a screen edge it will auto-hide itself. Previously I kept ...
  2. Gmail (6,406 bytes)
    66: ... popup that briefly appears in the corner of your screen, then fades away. If it's not urgent, you don't h...
  3. Palm (849 bytes)
    3: ...ti. It was also really small, but with a readable screen, and ran for weeks on a pair of AAA batteries.
  4. PocketInformant (1,686 bytes)
    25: use these categories to filter what is seen on screen.
  5. SlickRun (911 bytes)
    12: key, a small non-obtrusive bar appears on the screen that allows the user to type in a shortcut to an ...
  6. Unsorted life hacks (45,135 bytes)
    117: ...and you didn't have to get that sectional and big screen TV up to your new third floor apartment. Plus, if...
    220: ...lways pay for gas with a debit card, and when the screen says "receipt yes or no?" I choose yes. This extr...
    305: Here's a screencapture of this setting at Flickr: [http://flickr....
  7. ToDo.txt (9,131 bytes)
    11: ... paper, I'd have a "Notes.txt" file on my desktop screen. It functioned as scratch paper, annotated bookma...
    109: ... policy is that the dialog box has to stay on the screen until I've done the thing. It helps me pay my cre...
  8. MyListScreensaver (2,167 bytes)
    1: ...anting this for a while, and seeing the Tiger RSS screensaver only brought back more desire for something ...
    3: database and show them floating about on your screen in some random, yet tastefully organized way. Loo...
    5:* to look away from the computer by turning the screen saver on.
    7: that requires me to tear my eyes away from the screen-- can't really elaborate on why this is so-- I th...
    9: ...f strategies to try to tear my eyes away from the screen,
  9. Stickybrain (5,194 bytes)
    11: ... Mac Stickies on steroids. Since I hate having my screen cluttered with Post-its, I wasn't interested. How...
  10. EssentialPIM (1,930 bytes)
    36: * Adjustable views for comfortable on-screen representation
  11. Butler (910 bytes)
    12: ...enu bar or have a docklet appear anywhere on your screen containing items as well as using hotkeys to laun...
  12. Hog Bay Notebook (1,870 bytes)
    6: ...imple enough to keep open without dominating your screen.
  13. Outlook (5,330 bytes)
    19: ... tasks, my emails and my calendar all in the same screen, but I've been disappointed in how this applicati...
  14. Command line (3,009 bytes)
    3: ...typed commands. This action is done in a terminal screen. Many older Windows users might remember the days...
  15. Digital Media (4,505 bytes)
    16: ...o your iBook for example (oh, lets say.... a dead screen or something??) and you lose all of your iTunes m...
  16. Moleskine/Where To Buy In Person/Americas/USA (15,424 bytes)
    136: *[ Commercial Screen Supply, Inc.], Avon MA, great selection
  17. Working while standing (6,389 bytes)
    43: ...miliar with the Alexander Technique, an eye-level screen will help you with the neck and back lengthening ...
  18. Phone hacks (10,733 bytes)
    22: == Customize your ringtones and settings to screen calls==
  19. Why A PDA? (11,543 bytes)
    54: ...e always in perfect shape, too, as long as my PDA screen isn't damaged. And if I do lose my PDA (heaven fo...
  20. Software wishlist (546 bytes)
    1: * [[MyListScreensaver]] a screensaver for your project/action/someday lists.
    2: ...btrusive crawling timer bar on the bottom of your screen you can quickly set with a keyboard shortcut or a...

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