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ShadowPlan is an outliner for the Palm. In addition to linking items to both the calendar and the todo list, it provides a VERY extensive range of options for customizing displays and behaviors in hierarchical lists (multiple levels). Shadow also provides item tagging that allows virtually unlimited numbers of tags per entry - extremely useful for organizing, selecting and filtering item lists (NAs, for example). Filtering capabilities are excellent.

Shadow has much in common with other Palm outliners (Bonsai, Progect), yet offers perhaps the most efficient functions for entering and modifying the data elements of each listed item including dates (start, target, finish), priority, tagging, linking (todo, calendar), sorting (manual and auto), a multiple-item clipboard - the list goes on and on. Shadow also allows zooming to specific levels within list hierarchies, allowing GTD contexts to exist as levels within lists, though contexts can also be filtered using tags. Those afraid of extensive configurability should beware...

Shadow also syncs to desktop versions for Mac, Windows and Linux, though these are all beta and lack some of the functionality of the Palm version (Windows version is fairly close in functionality; OSX and Linux may lack a bit more, most notably with tagging). The latest versions were released 8/25/05 and are worth a look. If you are Palm-centric, the desktop versions are quite good. Those wanting the most well-developed desktop should look to Bonsai (with one caveat: Bonsai desktop is Windows ONLY).

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