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It seems like you spend a lot of time housecleaning, time with which you would rather relax or get more interesting things done.


Your time is better spent doing other things, so delegate as much housekeeping as possible to your children or hire a housekeeper.

Spend one cleaning session making every effort to be constantly mindfull of what you are doing. Keep a log if you have to. Sit down the next day, do a mental review or look over your notes, and try to discern why it's taking you so long to accomplish this task. (i.e. - it's takes me a long time because I have to have the tv on a "good show" before I can work in a room, then I have to find a new one if that one finishes, so I end up wasting a ton of time switching channels instead of working.) Understanding the problem just might reveal its own solution. (i.e. create a "cleaning" playlist for your ipod and listen to that instead of the TV)

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