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pyGTD is a small Python program that crunches any number of lightly-formatted text files containing project to-do lists, and creates a prioritized to-do list based on the next physical action in each project. The prioritization takes into account the importance, the urgency, the effort required, and the schedule pressure.

Perfect with TextMate and TABS.

In weekly review: take out of gtd folder projects you do not focus next week, put in projects you plan to focus next week.

Link with remind: create text file (e.g. rem.txt) and put it in gtd folder. In terminal: type rem > ... (add rem.txt with path here - fastest way ist to add it with Quicksliver...). Open rem.txt and add * at beginning and save. Run python in terminal. Your reminders are addet to your todo list. With U=5 and I=5 its always on top. Good to be reminded of deadlines etc.

Does someone know how to run "python" in TextMate? Can the formating of rem.txt automated with a command line. (* at start, add U=5 and I=5 in new line)

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