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A PocketMod is a cleverly folded piece of paper with preprinted templates for things like a mini calendar, todo list, quadrille paper, checklist etc. It's the smallest instance of a PDA that I have seen yet, requiring nothing more than a blank piece of paper and a pair of scissors to execute. You could even bypass the scissors if you had good paper and a crisp straightedge to do a rip.

The original PocketMod site has a Flash application to generate pages from templates, plus a .NET application to convert PDFs to the 8-up PocketMod format. The Macintosh application Page Packer uses the Hipster PDA templates to do 8-up formatting, and lets you drag in your favorite images or pages as well. pmPDF accomplishes the same task as a PHP class.

Any application that generates suitably formatted 8 page booklets can be a reasonable source for input for a PocketMod. In addition, the same approach works for 16, 24, or 32 page books, as long as you have a way to lay out the pages so that the booklets nest nicely and the pages sort in the right order.

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