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The PIM most people swear by if you're using a PocketPC. Available from the PocketInformat website

You're able to sync with Outlook on Windows and it's designed to be a drop in replacement for the calendar and task information, using the same databases as the built-in apps.


[edit] Alarm Notes

Alarm notes are similar to the built-in Notes, but can have alarms (surprisingly). PI adds a program that can be associated with a button or given an icon on the Start menu to instantly create a new alarm note. With the right options in PI, this will start in drawing mode, making it ideal as a capturing tool - hit a button, scribble away, hit 'ok' - whatever you're doing. Good for ex Palm users who miss the old PalmOne 'Notes' app.

[edit] Calendar

PI's calendar has a great variety of views. The basic day view looks much like Outlook's day view. On VGA devices, the month view can even display a reasonable amount of readable text on each day - if your eyes are good ;)

[edit] Tasks

Assigning context categories to your tasks and grouping by category will display GTD context lists.

Here is a page describing using PI's tasks for GTD

And a Flickr page showing another implementation.

[edit] Categories

All of PI's data types (appointments, notes, contacts, tasks) can be assigned categories. You can use these categories to filter what is seen on screen.

Using context categories (@HOME, @PHONE, etc.) and "Group Tasks by Category" lets you see only the tasks you need to do while you are on the phone or at your computer.

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