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  • If you never complain about somatic problems to your coworkers, you'll get no flak when you call in sick to catch up on personal stuff. -- GH 21 Mar 05
  • Everyone has their favourite way to communicate: e-mail, fax, letter, phone, or face-to-face. Find out which one works best for different people and use it to get your message across. (For example, mine is e-mail, because I can choose when to deal with it if it's not urgent. I don't like phone calls for non-urgent messages because they interrupt me and I have to take them and deal with them then. So you will get it done quicker if you call, but more thoroughly if you e-mail. Other people are the other way round, for example one person never reads their e-mail, always diverts their phone, but can be caught face-to-face in passing. -- Sophia
    • And some people respond better to sticky notes on the monitor, or written notes left in their chair. If you really want to get a good response to a written request, get a piece of candy (hershey's miniatures are perfect), and peel back the paper a bit, then staple that paper flap to the edge of your note. They'll ALWAYS go for the candy, and when they pick it up, they are forced to read the note. I tried this with my boss last week, and besides getting my request handled promptly, he also got a good laugh. --steph
  • Speaking of candy, keeping a candy jar on your desk is a great way to make friends in a new environment, and get people on your good side. It's silly, but it works. Also, make mental notes about what kinds of candy everybody likes. It goes over even better when you remember. --steph
  • Remember, whatever you email goes into backups and can be retrieved on demand even years later. If you don't want your words permanently recorded, use a face-to-face meeting.
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