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From the OSX inventories, tips & hack collections page at 43folders.com. The original description:

I love hearing how other people have set up their OS X Macs and learning about which programs they like to use for various tasks. I’m putting together a (very long and growing) profile of my own, but until that’s finished, I wanted to point to a few folks I’ve bookmarked who have posted great software and setup inventories as well as smart tips for workflow and productivity hacks. Here’s a few I like.

Please add new items in alphabetical order by last name.

[edit] Inventories as Organization Tool

As an added note: It might be worth making an inventory of your own software on your own computer. Write it up as if you planned to post it to a blog or something (even if you plan to just keep it to yourself). Include the secret scripts you write for yourself to automate certain tasks and any other little hacks that don't fall under the traditional category of "software applicaton". Look at every single piece of software you have installed and try to write a paragraph explaining how you use it or need it.

  • If you can't keep it under a paragraph, you need that software.
  • If you can't write a paragraph, you might be able use something else or maybe you could consolidate your tasks into fewer pieces of software.
  • If you can't write anything at all, uninstall it.

Use the inventory as part of your organizing process. When you're done, you can evaluate if you're really making the most use of what you have. You also have a comprehensive list of the things you need that you can print out and keep somewhere as a checklist of everything you need to restore in the event of a catastrophe.

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