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[edit] Introduction

Browse Category:Notebooks for the skinny on all the agendas, albums, diaries, lists, notebooks, pads, records and registers.

See Note taking for some tips on using notebooks.

  • Bound notebooks vs. 3 ring binders ?
  • notebooks bound on left (spirals, etc.) vs. notebooks bound on top (legal pads) ?

What sort of notebooks do people use when money is no object? Say, astronauts? A couple of astronaut notebooks

[edit] alternatives

For small amounts of text and drawings, some people prefer to take quick notes on a Hipster PDA rather than a notebook.

See Category:Planners

For holding many documents, too big for a single notebook, people are filing things in folders in a filing cabinet.

[edit] Unsorted Info

Obsolete but would be nice to find again :

a7 polypro notebook in pink and denim, spiral-bound, half the size of a moleskine, 99p, elasticated closure and perforated tear-out pages. Perfect fit for this pen or pencil from Muji in the spiral-binding too.

Also (sadly obsolete too :-( ) :

Elasticated WOC Notebook - A7

This is still available however : A7 Polyprop Plain Elasticated Book - 140 pages

--Mikeanegus 16:12, 21 Mar 2005 (EST)

a waterproof notebook "I wrote notes on it with a ballpoint, ran the faucet over the open page for a while, wrote some more, faucet some more, tried to smear it, nothing." -- Jay Levitt

rite-in-the-rain notebooks are used by outdoors professionals; they work, especially with a rite-in-the-rain pen. I like the 4 5/8" by 7" field spiral notebook, but many different styles are available at

There seem to be 3 ways to contain and protect sheets of paper:

  • Permanently bind them into some sort of book ( spiral notebooks, Clairefontaine, laboratory notebooks, ... see notebooks )
  • Permanently bind them into some sort of pad, then use some sort of case to carry around the particular pad you're using today ( such as "the Leeds jotter" -- joshmchugh
  • temporarily hold them together using a case that lets you take individual sheets out and shuffle at-will ( 3 ring binder; a Hipster PDA with a pair of outer cover sheets ).

Outer cover: Some cases completely zip closed ... Douglas Johnston mentions that broad leather zipper pulls are far more comfortable than skinny metal zipper pulls.

One thing paper notebooks still do far better than computerized files is sketching and doodling and drawing. "Storyboarding My Day" by steves, 2005-09-23

[edit] 3 ring binders

There's a big discussion of why Lion Kimbro choose to use 3 ring binders near the beginning of Complete Map -- How to Make a Complete Map of Every Thought you Think by Lion Kimbro.

Another big discussion of 3-ring-binder-like things at C2:ThreeRingBinder .

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