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I've been wanting this for a while, and seeing the Tiger RSS screensaver only brought back more desire for something like this.

This program should fire up like the new Tiger RSS screensaver, slurping data from your project/action lists in any text file, or even an Outlook/Entourage/PalmDesktop database and show them floating about on your screen in some random, yet tastefully organized way. Look for the demo video on... Engadget (at least, it used to be here)

This should give us some free-association opportunity, ensure that we're not neglecting anything in our lists that we don't visit very often, and even *provide an excuse* to look away from the computer by turning the screen saver on.

Somehow I can't really figure out why, but I've found myself to be able to focus more when I turn up relevant-yet-not-mission-critical channels of information (but not ones that REALLY work hard at demanding my attention, like TV), so I put on music, books-on-tape, and suddenly I'm able to focus--especially when its a task that requires me to tear my eyes away from the screen-- can't really elaborate on why this is so-- I think it's an ADD thing.

A major problem I have is that I really start to think when I looking away from the screen. I have a "break reminder" that's designed for repetitive stress injuries but I set it to blank my screen out in regular intervals, so I'd look away and start to think about what I'm doing at the moment, and if I really should be doing this at this moment. (Of course, it went off at least once during this post. Talk about irony) I try all kinds of strategies to try to tear my eyes away from the screen,

Another similar ADD tool would be a a text-to-speech reader that indiscriminately goes down and reads any list that you point to (again, from text files and/or PIM databases), and let you drown yourself out on words that have to do with... you. This is intended for background noise while working, not to actually focus on them. You could probably make a general purpose tool that people could use to background-memorize words, bible-verses, transaction codes...

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