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MyLife Organized
Platform: Windows, Windows CE
License: Shareware
Cost: $0-59.95
Download Size: varies


[edit] Description

The main idea of MLO is to help you to keep focused on the activities which drive you to achieve your most important goals as quickly as possible. One of the key advantages of MyLife Organized is that despite being a very powerful and sophisticated piece of software it is extremely easy for even the most novice computer users.

This personal task outliner will help you to organize your goals, projects and tasks into a tree. The to-do list with actions that require immediate attention will be generated. This to-do list will be sorted in order of priority to keep you focused on the most important tasks.

It will NOT replace your Calendar, Outlook or Excel, but it WILL help you to organize your tasks into an outline, select most important of them and generate concrete and sequential list of specific actions to achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

[edit] Testimonials

[edit] A review by: Matthew Bennett

I decided to buy the software and this is my review of it, which I hope is constructive enough to help the developers get some new ideas and potential users an idea of what My Life Organized is like.. Read full review:

[edit] A review by: Mark Levison

Can't keep track of all the tasks you have to do? Always chasing little scraps of paper around the office? Then consider "My Life Organized" (MLO) as a task manager. Read the full review

[edit] A review by: Jeffrey A. Shumway

To begin with, I found MLO a little overwhelming. It is a very powerful task management tool. One of the things that I did at first to help with the amount of detail is to go to the Options screen, select the appearance option, and select "Simple checklist tree". At least from a beginners standpoint, this helped me get my feet wet without completely overwhelming me. It also made the view similar to what I was seeing in Outlook... Read full review

[edit] A review by: Ian Tromp

So here's another vote for MLO - of all the many programs I've used to organize my life, this is the one I keep coming back to. It simply does the job much better than anything else I have found - it's lightweight, it's easy to work with, extremely powerful, and it looks good. Read full review at

[edit] Comments by: Andy Cunningham

I'm another fan of MLO: it really is what keeps my life organized. It covers all of the "list maintenance" that's required to be really "doing" GTD in one simple program.

[edit] Hacks

[edit] Contexts for Places

Like LifeBalance users can use their GTD contexts for Places. An example setup may have contexts Home, At Computer, On Internet, Personal Calls, Business Calls, Office, and Errands. Because for each Place you can specify other Places that are included, you can attach At Computer, On Internet, and Business Calls under Office, as well as place At Computer, On Internet, and Personal Calls under Home.

This becomes even more powerful when you begin to set hours for each context. Specify that Office is only 'open' during the hours when you are at the office, Home is only 'open' during the hours when you are at home, and Errands is only open in the evenings when you are available to run errands. This way, you can always leave your To Do list set to Anywhere and your tasks will update automagically throughout the day.

And you still have the power of focusing on a specific context like Business Calls if you feel like knocking several out at a time, like The David recommends.

[edit] True Next Actions

If your organize using the projects feature and choose the "complete sub-tasks in order" for the project task entries (or the entire project), then your to-do views will show you only the most current NA for each project in the overall list (as recommended in GTD).

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