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[edit] Description

Much has been written about Moleskine notebooks elsewhere.

The diary comes in weekly and daily, pocket and desk size formats. Features include a one-year overview calendar, travel data, pagemarker, and address book insert. The weekly pocket version also comes in a soft cover diary/journal edition where the days of the week are on the left page and the right page is lined for notes.

[edit] Testimonials

It's really just a basic diary done well, in the Moleskine style. I miss the detailed layout and space for task list of the Harvard Planner, which I've used previously, but have managed to carry some of the system tricks over to the Moleskine. I'm sorry to see the 2006 edition is abandoning the column format in the weekly pocket version. The columns made it easier to see the committed time (appointments) which I blocked off, in GTD fashion.

[edit] Hacks

  • Attach a slim Volant or Cahier notebook under the diary's elastic band for taking notes. Less bulky than carrying a second Moleskine Notebook.
  • Use blank space at the bottom of the page for weekly to do list.
  • At the end of the week, label unfinished tasks with a circled letter. Then on the next week, just carry over the letters and week number to the top of the page as a reminder (e.g., 12-ABC) and the number-letter label (e.g., 12A) in the calendar section when you plan to do it. Saves re-writing.

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